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Cover Page ( Vol 12, Issue 3 )

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Please follow the instructions mentioned below in preparing the manuscripts. If papers do not conform closely to these instructions they may be returned to their authors.

01. Language

1.1. Papers Must Be Submitted In English.

02. Text Length

2.1. Full Paper: Maximum 3,500 Words.
2.2. Short Communication Paper Or Review Article: Maximum 3,000 Words.
2.3. Authors Willing To Submit Review Article Must Present A Synopsis.

03. Organizing The Pape

04. Title Of The Manuscript

05. Authors Information

06. Introduction

07. Methodology

08. Results And Discussion

This Part Should Be Preferably Presented Jointly.

09. Results

Results Should Be Presented Concisely. The Results Section Should Not Be Used For Discussion.

10. Discussion

Explain The Significance Of The Results And Place The Results In The Context Of Other Work And Theoretical Background.

11. Concluding Remarks

This Portion Includes The Overall Findings As Per Objectives And Implications.

12. References

Font Size: 10, Double Spaced, Arial.
Authors Are Responsible For The Accuracy Of Their References. List Should Be Arranged Alphabetically According To The Surname Of The First Author And Set Out As In The Following Examples:

13. Article From E-Journal Website

Ray, O. (2004). How The Mind Hurts And Heals The Body. American Psychologist 59, 29-40. Retrieved From Http://Www.Apa.Org//Journals/Releases /Amp59129.Pdf
Lodewijkx, H. F. M. (2001, May 23). Individual-Group Continuity In Cooperation And Competition Under Varying Communication Conditions. Current Issues In Social Psychology, 6(12), 166-182. Retrieved From Http://Www.Uiowa.Edu/~Grpproc/Crisp/Crisp.6.12.Htm

14. Article From E-Journal Website

The Full URL (Or Web Address) Is Given With E- Journal Websites (Not From Databases). There Is No Period At The End Of A URL. Break A Long URL Before Punctuation. Right Click On The URL And Remove The Hyperlink To Eliminate The Blue Type And Underline.