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Cover Page (Vol 12, Issue 3)

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Arif Ahmed
Law and Justice

Generally an alien is a person who owes political adherence to another State or is not a native of the land in which they live. In international law as the host country has some responsibilities towards the aliens residing in it; the aliens also have some obligations to the law and order of the host country. The law of State responsibility for injury to aliens has been a much debated issue ever since the law of State responsibility was envisaged. In fact, the State responsibility for aliens has been in practice even before the State responsibility between States came up. Several attempts of codification of this law have been made, but none of them have seen the lights of the day as a real substantive law in form of treaty in the international sphere. The thematic feature of this piece of academic research intends to make an overview on the responsibility of a State towards its aliens, the rights and obligations of an alien to the residing State and finally to determine the minimum standard of treatment of a State towards its aliens in the light of various treaty provisions on the international law where different adjudicated cases are also presented along with a profound scrutiny upon their fact, issues, judgment and reasoning.