BRP Is A Research Repository - A Comprehensive Websitewith Special Interest On Bangladesh


Bangladesh Research Publications Journal

The importance of research publications need not to be emphasized particularly in today's knowledge based world. We at Invogue Software, from its very inception, realize the value and power of information in almost every aspect of our personal and professional lives. In the context of Bangladesh particularly, we realize the absence of a comprehensive platform whereby academics, researchers, scholars, analysts, more so anyone with special attention on Bangladesh can find a detailed research publication web site, need to be addressed. Hence, Invogue Software presents www.bdresearchpublications.com

It is a comprehensive website which welcomes all, in fact anyone with special interest on Bangladesh, be it academic, social, scientific, agricultural, political, business, industry, services, medical, cultural, in effect the total spectrum of Bangladeshi living, to present their research work, technical report, thesis and important writings through this web site.